Zingiberaceae of Maliau Basin, Sabah, Malaysia

Avelinah Julius, Atsuko Takano, Monica Suleiman, Welly Frederick Tukin


The genera and species of Zingiberaceae in the Maliau Basin Conservation Area (MBCA) were studied based on fi eldwork and herbarium specimens at the Forest Research Centre Herbarium, Sepilok (SAN). A total of 65 species in 14 genera of gingers were found and recorded from this area. Some important genera were Plagiostachys, Etlingera, Elettariopsis and Hornstedtia. The population in this area is relatively high compared to other areas in the western part of Sabah, e.g. Crocker Range and Kinabalu Park with 51 species in 12 genera and 58 species in 12 genera, respectively. Members of the tribe Alpinieae are predominant in the area surveyed. Two species, Elettariopsis smithiae var. rugosa and Hornstedtia scyphifera var. fusiformis, are new records for Borneo.


Gingers; Elettariopsis smithiae var. rugosa; Hornstedtia scyphifera var. fusiformis; first report; Borneo; Zingiberaceae

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