An Insight into Gen-Y’s Career Preference towards Hospitality Service Industry

Jakaria Dasan, Jennifer Chan Kim Lian, Sharija Che Shaari


Individuals of Generation Y become the immediate human resources to vibrate the hospitality service industry which becomes the backbone of tourism. To keep up with the pace of development that this industry is experiencing, attraction and retention factors need to be identified and developed into a sustainable human resource management and practices. In addition to that, it is timely for the recruitment strategies to undergo some revisions that may serve the purpose of hiring the quality one. Hundred and forty eight hotel employees of Generation Y, consisted of managers, supervisors and operation staff in 5-Star, 4-star and 3-star rated hotels in Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan, Sabah had participated in this qualitative study. Findings show that six major attraction factors; namely, training and personal development, remuneration, brand, teamwork, working environment and welfare have attracted people to pursue this career. In addition, meeting new people and visitors, career development and promotion, and gaining working experience may give weight to the attraction factors. Meanwhile, employees stay loyal if five of the major attraction factors except brand were maintained. Brand, and career development and promotion, however, could also make people stay. Noteworthy, word-of-mouth and college internship topple other recruitment methods that these mechanisms could reach the high quality front liners to serve the vibrant hospitality service industry.


Gen-Y; attraction; retention; recruitment; hospitality service industry

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