The urban pteridophyte flora of Singapore


  • Benito C. Tan
  • Angie Ng-Chua L.S.
  • Anne Chong
  • Cheryl Lao
  • Machida Tan-Takako
  • Ngiam Shih-Tung
  • Aries Tay
  • Yap Von Bing



Singapore, Pteridophytes, Ferns, Fern allies, Endangered species, Distribution, Singapore Red Data Book


A total of 81 species in 41 genera of pteridophytes were collected and documented from the urbanized parts of Singapore. Eight introduced and ornamental species are confirmed to have escaped and are growing wild in Singapore today. The endangered status of several fern species in Singapore reported in the second edition of Singapore Red Data Book are updated based on new distribution data.


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Tan, B. C., L.S., A. N.-C., Chong, A., Lao, C., Tan-Takako, M., Shih-Tung, N., Tay, A., & Bing, Y. V. (2016). The urban pteridophyte flora of Singapore. Journal of Tropical Biology & Conservation (JTBC), 11.